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1. hobbits

And laugh they did, and eat, and drink, often and heartily, being fond of simple jests at all times, and of six meals a day (when they could get them).


No, no, no, no, this is a trick. Another one of your bloody tricks. You’re just trying to make me say something nice. It’s just to make you look good even though you’ve behaved like…

Honestly, there are opinions flying around about it everywhere, but I think of course Sherlock had to laugh this off afterward, they’d never have said it otherwise.  Never.  It had to be a very careful bubble for either of them to get this out.  I don’t think the fact the bomb aspect was a lie negates a single sentiment.


The reason why gifsets were invented.


sprinting to the bedroom for their 3 way honeymoon

"So what I do on set? Well, mostly just this; I listen to what is happening on headphones while watching on a monitor. I know this looks very boring, but it’s actually amazing to see a story that for a long time existed only in my imagination become visiable, which is why I’m always laughing and crying." John Green

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What if instead of snapchat we had snapcat and sent pictures back and forth of cats